Clarification of the Concept of SaunApolo 56


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A SaunApolo 56 has an LGBTI+ Heterofriendly identity.  
It is an inclusive establishment of physical and mental well-being and relaxation whose commercial proposal is Only to provide spaces, equipment, valences and services.
We have Sauna, Turkish Bath, Mini Pool with Jacuzzi and Waterfall, Private Cabinets 
of Massages, Private Cabinets with Movies for Adults, Private Cabinets with Glory Holes, Dark Room with Sling and Glory Holes, Cinema with Adult Films, Lounge, Bar with Drinks and Food, Unisex Changing Room/Clocking Room. 
A SaunApolo 56 Receives by payment Men, Women, Trans, people with Different Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna/Club exclusively for Gay Men.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna exclusively for Heterosexual Couples.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Club Swinger.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna / Club dedicated to the practice of prostitution.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna / Club for people who want to provide Paid sexual services.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna/Club exclusively for Heterosexual Men or Women.


A SaunApolo 56 not a Sauna / Club exclusively for Lesbian Women.


A SaunApolo 56 is an establishment dedicated to liberal people with great educational and socio-economic level, who like to frequent a refined space, take care with Excellent hygiene and environment very selected where the motto is “the least is more”, that is, our customers appreciate the spaces, the equipment, the valences and the services we provide and not the number of persons, sex or gender who must to value. We are a Sauna / Club Boutique!


Customers who attend SaunApolo 56 are Men, Women, People Trans people who accept and respect diversity of sexual orientations and identities of genre. Our customers are mostly Bisexual.