Commercial Proposal of SaunApolo 56


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A Commercial Proposal of SaunApolo 56 is Only to make available the following Spaces, Equipment, Valences and Services:

-Sauna, Turkish Bath, Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi and Waterfall, that is, Water Circuit.
-Private Staterooms with Gloryholes
-Private Cabins with Led Lighting, Massage Beds, Air Conditioning Equipment, paper dispensers, TV's with different adult movies
-Playground with Gloryholes, Cage and Sling.
-Cinema with Adult Films.
-Bar with Tables and Chairs. We serve Drinks and Toast (Additional Payment)
-Lounge area.
-Collective Spa with Shower Area, Dressing Room with Lockers, Bathrooms with Hairdryer


A SaunApolo 56 It has no legal or social obligation to make people available for customers to live together, the amount that customers pay, does not include the legal obligation of SaunApolo 56 Providing People for Conviviality. Therefore, customers do not have the right to demand a service for which they do not pay!
We are a Sauna and Spa Boutique where our motto is “less is more”!


The staff of SaunApolo 56 is Prohibited from providing Confidential/Sensitive information under the Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the number of customers, Genres that are in the SaunApolo 56 Or Other Matters involving customers!

A SaunApolo 56 DOES NOT refund money to customers when they require the presence of a certain number of people or genders in the SaunApolo 56.


– Enjoy Peacefully and Long the Spaces, Equipment, Valences and Services.
– If you wish to live socially or intimately with people, you must:
– Invite the person/s you would like to hang out with.
– Use Social Networks Or Dating Apps.
– Request Escort Services or Massages (Extra Payment)

A SaunApolo 56 It Does Not Serve the Interests of Customers Seeking Services at Reduced Prices!

Grateful for the understanding.
The management.