I was there yesterday (26.05.2018) and spectacular space. Who receives us is 5 stars, difficult to serve with more sympathy. Several themed rooms. Quiet bar. I recommend.


Hi, I'm on vacation in Tróia right now. I'm looking for a girl with whom I can have a good time

Baptiste Alexandre

Very good place to relax A different place. Pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. recommended 1000%

Angelica Campos

My boyfriend and I loved the space and the experience. Coming back soon. Int

Catarina Morais

Well located.
Ease for those who go on foot or by public transport (Centre of Lisbon).

5 Star Hygiene
4 Star Bar (I loved Yxaiio)
5 star sauna and hammam
Staff friendliness 4 Stars
5 star cinema
5 Star cabins

A special thanks to Adriana from Erotic for the suggestion. I LOVED!!!

Vera T. Santos
Vera T. Santos

A very good place to have fun, relax and be with friends. Thanks to my friends Patrícia and Miguel for the fantastic suggestion and recommendation. Coming back soon, I was in the mood for a relaxation massage that I really want to try. And a special thanks to the space hostess who received me very well.

Barbara SottoMayor
Barbara SottoMayor

Sauna56Apolo was a wonderful surprise, excellent location.
I tried the massage, relaxing and invigorating
One of the best experiences of my life…
100% recommended!

Rodrigo Matadinho

I recommend.
I've had several massages and I liked it in general, the place is very pleasant.
It's really sexy, fun and hot. I love jacuzzi and turkish bath. The labyrinth is my favorite place 🙂

Jaime Nunes

Quiet environment, where hygiene is impeccable, lots of privacy and the ideal place to spend good times alone with two or more. I loved the massage they gave me and I highly recommend this wellness space.

Constança Soares

Very nice place, top cleaning.
New equipment, lots of courtesy and the fact that erotic items are available in the store is also a differentiating factor.

Maria Azevedo

Clean, friendly and comfortable environment.
Well...nothing to declare...

Ana Tomas
Ana Tomas

One of the best spaces to enjoy a different moment alone or with someone special.

For us, discretion, hygiene and decoration were perfect. In addition to all these qualities, we had the privilege of being welcomed by Kiki Pais de Sousa, who is the owner of this sauna and an incredible woman, as well as an excellent hostess.

Thank you so much, for the amazing experience we had.

Patricia n Miguel
Patricia N Miguel

The best Sauna in Lisbon … I've had the opportunity to see all the ones that exist and nothing compares to Sauna Apolo56 … The best in lisbon extreme care with facilities and hygiene.

Paulo Jorge

I've been several times. A fantastic and liberating place. Ideal for bisexuals like me 😛 And a clean place. that matters a lot to me!
Thank you Kiki for keeping this space like this!

Filipe Silva

I went to the Apolo56 sauna with my boyfriend, as we were very curious to go. We love the space, excellent atmosphere, very quiet, impeccable hygiene, super friendly service and polite and respectful customers. The management is very friendly and attentive. We'll be back soon…We recommend!

sami tavares

More than a “space”, a place beyond pleasant. Everything there works perfectly. And Kiki, owner of Sauna56? A wonderful lady, attentive to everything that happens; the right person to the right place. Thank you very much, Kiki.
Now, why is it true and fair, the magic hands of Raquel in massages that look more like ballet? Simply divine. Just like Rachel, of course.

Manuel Domingos

I am a regular customer of Saunapolo56, it's a super nice space and very, very clean. I love the decor!
The management, the employees and the customers are very polite and friendly, there is a lot of respect for privacy.
I love Raquel's massages, they are intense, she knows how to mix professionalism with sensuality and makes me wish that time passes slowly. Loved it and exceeded my expectations!
I will continue to go whenever I can, alone or accompanied and strongly recommend to my friends and friends!

Maura Machado


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