Therapies carried out by a physiotherapist accredited by the Portuguese Association of Naturopathy


Type of Therapy Subcategorias
Aesthetic and body cleaning treatments Facial aesthetic massage (peeling, lifting, natural masks), Vibro-acoustic treatment, Fire treatment
Massages Physiotherapy, sports, general, therapeutic, osteopathic, geothermal, anti-cellulose, bioenergetics, goasha, for babies, visceral chiropractic, Yumeiho. Shiatsu, Hidjama
Lymphatic drainage classic, with honey, with suction cups
SUJOK Acupuncture (Korean) with electrical impulses, with seeds, with needles, moxibustion
Reiki. Initiations and treatments Classic (Mikao Usui) 1st; 2nd; 3rd step, Anti-stress, Mercaba (4th dimension)

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"Exclusive for those who value their health and don't have time to waste: personalized treatments that take your well-being to a new level."

Typically, sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the type of therapy chosen.


In general, no special preparation is required. However, the team at SaunApolo 56 can provide specific recommendations for the treatment you choose.


A SaunApolo 56 offers therapies suitable for all ages, as long as they are of legal age. However, an initial consultation is recommended to assess which treatment is most suitable for you.

SUJOK Acupuncture is a Korean variant of traditional acupuncture that focuses mainly on the hands and feet, using various techniques such as electrical impulses, seeds and needles.


REIKI initiations are attunement rituals that allow the individual to channel universal vital energy for healing purposes. We offer several steps, from basic to advanced level.


The best way to find out which treatment is best for you is through an initial consultation with our specialized staff. They will assess your needs and recommend a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best possible results.


Yes, it is possible to combine different therapies in a single visit, depending on availability and therapeutic recommendations from our specialized staff.

We recommend comfortable and light clothing. Some treatments may require you to be partially undressed, so we provide robes for your comfort.

Visceral chiropractic is a technique that focuses on the alignment and function of internal organs, often using gentle manual manipulations.

It is recommended that you avoid eating heavy meals and hydrate well before your session. If you have any specific medical condition, please inform our specialized staff before treatment.

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage that uses finger pressure on specific points on the body to relieve tension and promote well-being.

Vibroacoustic Treatments use sound and vibration to promote balance and well-being, often in combination with other therapies.